I saw Pooh!

I had a fun time with Mom, Dad and Grandma and Grandpa Reed at Disney World. I got to stay up late, drink through a straw, have lunch with Winnie-The-Pooh and his pals and much much more.
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I haven’t been feeling well lately. I had an ear infection and I am still getting over my cold. Dr. Jordan gave me antibiotics and it made my tummy hurt (Mom said diapers were no FUN!) But I am feeling better now. I am just having a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep through the night. I am really wanting to practice crawling but I don’t seem to be getting anywhere other than backwards right now. I really want to master this skill so I can sleep better. I dream about crawling…


It was cold at Disney and I got to dress really warm in my neat-o winter clothes. I got to see a parade with all my favorite Disney Characters and Santa too!


Oh yeah, I even got to sit on Santa’s lap! One night we went to Epcot and saw the CandleLight Processional. It was fun, everyone there was singing so pretty it put me to sleep. But I woke up just in time to bug Mom and Dad at dinner at the French Resturant at Epcot.


I went to a make up class at Gymboree on Saturday and decided that I really like my regualr class better. More girls to flirt with!
Today I get to go visit Grandma Susie and play on her floor. I want to practice crawling as much as a can!

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