15th Birthday Fun

I was hoping for a more exciting day this year but I think it worked out with the calmness. Covid canceled our Alaska trip so we are just making things up as we go along and figure out how this virus will play out. I wanted my bow tuned for my birthday so we went to Adventures Archery. I got all set up and then my friend, Steven, showed up and we hung out on the range for a while. It was nice to hang out even if we have to keep our distances. No masks when shooting.

Dad ordered some large lobster tails and Emmerson made me a yummy chocolate cake. We celebrated quietly at home and it wasn’t too bad. We have played a lot of card games lately to pass the time. I also am getting some treatments on my big toe for a very stubborn wart. I did a fancy SWIFT treatment but it didn’t work so now they are using beetle juice to try to knock it out. I am happy they are trying to make it go away but it means no swimming either.

Sunshine is also having her first shed with us. Which means she is growing, so we are doing something right. We are going to start on her new cage soon.

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