Busy Week as Always

This weekend we went to 4-H day at the Florida State Fair. I enjoyed seeing the DPI display, talking to the UF bugs people and seeing all the fair exhibits. We dont do the rides but enjoy the expo halls. I found a cool plant booth and spent far too much on orchids, clippings, succulents and other fun things for landscaping some of my pet cages.

My OCE class had a field trip to the beach to learn about longshore currents. Sadly the experiment didn’t work as planned but we had fun trying. I helped set the lines and dump the dye since most people weren’t willing to go into the water since it was so chilly.

We also had another extra credit talk to attend on bats. Mom and E came to this one and hung out on the other side of the room. I learned more about bats then I ever thought possible! It was a spectacular program.

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