Extra Credit

The one thing I like about my classes this term is that I can earn extra credit for attending various events around the county. This week I did three events, Brooker Creek, Moccasin Lake and Tarpon Aquarium. Moccasin Lake Park had a Fantastic Beasts themed event. I got to meat the hawks, learn about snakes, turtles , plants and so much more. Tarpon Aquarium was a fun trip as well. I advent been there since I was really little. I enjoyed the slower pace, spending lots of time talking with the owners and their daughter, Paige. I am excited for their new location soon.

When we got home from the aquarium it was insanely windy. We opted to go fly a kite in the yard. The winds were so strong we moved the kite flying to the park. This front pushing in is going to bring some big storms.

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