Nov/Dec schedule madness

To say I have been busy lately is a mass understatement. Finals week was the first week of December this was also the week of the state 4-H indoor match in Newberry. We just drove up for the day for the tournament. I shot fairly well and managed a 4th place finish. Senior level is much harder and I really haven’t been practicing as much as I need to lately. Mom felt I was not taking enough study breaks so she kept coming in and force-feeding me smoothies to keep me going. I was really worried about my trig grade. I made a few errors on the midterm which meant to get an A for the term I needed an A on the final. A LOT of hours went into this preparation. I managed to pull out the A by 1 point! But an A is an A after all! I still have my 4.0 gpa at SPC.

We had a squirrel visitor, we have named him Tiny HUman (pronounced hoo-man). He liked to eat our leftover bread. The cats like to watch him. He even comes and knocks on the slider to let us know it is food time.

After finals we enjoyed a few days of fun at Busch Gardens. It was nice to be stress free for a while.

E and I helped decorate the Christmas tree. We got some cool new Harry Potter interactive ornaments this year.

I spent a lot of my winter break working on my insect collections. I am trying to get 1st place at the state 4-H Insectathon this year. It is a LOT of work and preparation but I am up for the challenge! My collection grew by over 100 specimen that needed cataloged and sorted. Hours and hours of curation and organizing was accomplished.

We kicked off another Forest Ecology season with 4-H with a fun day at Eagle Lake park. We met many new team members and I helped coach them on the material and then we all led groups on a fun scavenger hunt. We had to take photos of various items, including our team selfie.

We had a holiday party for 4-H at the extension office. We watched movies, had popcorn and other junk food and made mini gingerbread houses. Then we went over to see the lights at the Botanical Gardens and sang some carols along the way.

I am enjoying my time off from classes. I am not eager to start back up in January since I have a very hard class load. I know I will be fine, but I really needed this break!

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