ENT SOC St. Louis 2019

Dad and I flew up to St. Louis for a week. I was attending the Entomological Society of Americas annual conference. We arrived a few days early and enjoyed some old haunts in the area. I went to City Museum twice and also to the St. Louis Zoo to see the Insectarium.

The conference was epic. I really had a fun time attending various outreach programs, speakers and seminars. I absolutely loved the Linnaean Games! It was wonderful to cheer on UF and see them win this year.

One of the programs I attended we worked on building this giant ant out of paper. We had it hanging from strings that were tossed over the rafters. After quite a lot of work and near completion we were instructed that we had to dismantle our creation due to some rules violation. I guess no one every asked permission or if they did, asked the wrong person.

This conference made me fairly solid in my future path that I for sure want to study entomology. I am still stuck on what my focus will be. I really enjoy the outreach part of it, teaching others what I know but also the collection and research end of it. I hope to continue to go to these conferences so that I can continue to be exposed to more in this field.

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