Tampa Bay Watch Field-trip

Today we went to Tampabay Watch for a fieldtrip to learn about marine ecology. We started our day with a strict safety and behavior briefing. We got life vests and loaded the boat. We were told not to move, stand up and do anything distracting. We could not see what was really going on but we enjoyed the boat ride either way. When we got back to land we got to see the critters that were caught in the nets. We learned a little about each marine animals. My favorite was a tiny little seahorse.

We then went to the classroom and used microscopes to look at some of the water that they brought back. It was teaming with life. We were able to identify a lot of the micro organisms. Our final activity was to create a sea creature that took the longest time to get to the bottom of a bucket of water. Liberty and I worked well and ended up in 2nd place. Oh well. It was a fun day all around.

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