Halloween Fun

October has been quite a blur for us. We have been on the go doing this and that. 4-H was busy with the Pumpkin Festival. Emmerson, Mom and I spent the day volunteering with the festival. We helped set up tables, organize pumpkins, get that festival ready to roll. I swear we did every job twice but we never complained and just kept trudging forward.

Up next was a crazy afternoon of pumpkin carving. We started the process outside to debut the pumpkins but quickly moved the process inside for the carving. It was rather toasty outside and the pumpkins were getting soft fast. Thankfully they made it to Halloween but were trash the next day.

Trick or Treating involved having Preston and Gabe over for exploring the neighborhood. P and I dressed as Praying Mantids. G was a gorilla and E was steam punk again. We made the outer streets and a few of the inners before everyone got hot and exhausted. We had a good haul of treats and called it a night. We came home to Mom using the outside projector to project Christmas scenes. It was kinda funny.

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