4-H Archery

This year I have been volunteering as a archery helper. This means that I haven’t been shooting every time we meet. It had thrown me off my game but I still had a good time at the tournament even if I shot terribly. The senior level distances are super far. I will keep working at it but don’t expect to see me at the Olympics! 

Edible Experience Kitchen Garden

What an amazing fieldtrip! We learned all about sustainable gardening and cooking healthy meals at the Kitchen Garden.   Our guide taught us about what the foundation does, tested our basic food knowledge and then gave us guidelines for our experience. We started by making a cold chocolate drink while we learned the history of cacoa. They we got our kitchen teams. Each table had different responsibilities to bring the entire meal together.
I was tasked with chopping a lot of veg and then workin on the guac. Each team got to flavor the guac how they wanted. I loved the stew we made. The guac was really good but it had too much spice for my liking.  I had a great team and we all worked well together. Everyone divided taste, helped those that were struggling and made it a great experience.

4-H Archery

This year I am taking more of a leadership roll in archery. I still shoot a little but not often like I was before. I am enjoying helping out with the new Try Archery program in the county. I help keep the shooters safe and make sure they are being safe. I am learning to help with shooting form and help them fine tune their abilities.  The Try It group only shoots for 6 weeks. I hope to help Mom do some camps in the spring when the weather is a bit cooler.

On Monday’s we have had about 40 youth out not he range. It is really nice to see the club growing.

Entomophagy Outreach with 4-H

Tonight I rant he educational part of the County Youth Council meeting with a presentation on entomophagy, the practice of adding insects to your diet. I had a nice powerpoint. We had a great conversation about food security and how people can change the stigma of eating insects into something good.I have done a lot of research and am eager to try to add more to my diet. We had a lot of people sample our treats. The chocolate chirp cookies were the biggest hit again!