Friends and Hurricane Prep

My friend Steven spend the night. We had a lot of fun talking about insects and going night collecting around the neighborhood and at the park. I stepped in a fire ant hill and got all bit up but I held it together until I got home and got medicine.  Classes start back at SPC soon. I have Bio 1 Honors, Chem 1, Statistics, Trigonometry and philosophy. It is going to be a rather challenging semester. Just look at all the calculators I need for my classes. No class uses the same one! UGH! Mom labeled them all on the back so I know which class uses which. With a hurricane approaching we had to check our supply lists. The water we had in the garage was past date so E and I got to jump on all the bottles before recycling them. We got soaked! I could not believe we had so much out of date water. We replaced it with a lot less this year. The Publix stores were even making hurricane treats. We bought a hurricane cookie cake!

Yet another crazy storm that we got NOTHING from.

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