Busy Days of Summer Draw to a Close

We started archery back up and got to the field and it hadn’t been mowed in a few weeks. I got to learn how to use a lawnmower to make it tolerable for shooting. I am trying to do more in the kitchen lately. I am a pro at scrambled eggs now. Working on our insect collections. We went to a program on snakes at Brooker Creek Preserve and checked on our insect display for any repairs or updates. I loved the loved the little hognose snake. I upgraded Nero to a castle cage just like Caligula’s. He is much happier. We had our 4-H picnic at Walsingham Park. We played a lot of games and I lead a group of kids in insect collecting and ID. Matt and his Vargar, foam weapons, group came out too. That is always fun but exhausting. We played some DND at home. Mom tried to kill us all by ringing a bell. We saw Dr. Jamie Ellis speak at the Pinellas Beekeepers Meeting. We worked on our kitchen skills. We made panic breaded chicken strips and cheesy garlic carrots.  We went to ukulele with Grandma a few times. I am enjoying playing but just dont have enough time to practice lately. We have been worried about Nero. He has been sick. He has been diagnosed with mites and ringworm. Vet visits are very expensive. 

We have all enjoyed bowling a lot this summer with the all you can bowl pass. Making brownies and cookies for an outreach program at High Point Neighborhood Family Center. Yummy chocolate chirp cookies. Some of the camp kids learning about insects. They were a really good bunch. So much energy and desire to learn. The kids ate all the snacks! The girls were more brave than the boys. I was the Pied Piper for a few hours as I helped the kids find insects. One last family bowling day before the pass ended. Some more clean-up at the Ochs 4-H Property. I used a poll saw and trimmed the entire tree that we sit under during archery class. One last outing to the Replay Museum in Tarpon Springs for all day pinball and classic video games. Summer has some to an end and school starts this week. The fun never stops!

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