UF Entomology Field Camp- Bug Camp

We went back to bug camp for the second year. I absolutely love this place. We were happy to see Dr. Baldwin again. Mom volunteered and was dubbed “Camp Mom”.  We had a lot of fun sharing our knowledge and gaining more. I wasn’t really into the bug store this year but then saw that there were baby mantids. Then I was all about the bug store until I had enough to get my mantid. The river is always a highlight. I brought home a ridiculous amount of insects and other arthropods.  I made some new friends! 🙂 Part of what was in the motorhome. I really enjoyed touring the labs the most. I loved to see what other people were working on and just love the urban pest labs. We learned all about fleas! Such knowledge to share! We saw a mini tractor pull! We got to hold the roaches. They were so fun. We ate buggy snacks. Mom even tried everything! The guest speakers were awesome and today we got to dissect grasshoppers. It was super stinky but I think I did a great job.  Night hunting was amazing at the Santa Fe River. The caddis flies were out in mass numbers and quickly coated the collection sheets. Touring the entomology collection was epic. I was amazed at the depth and breadth of the collection that they have. The specimens are remarkable!  Final day awards and good-byes. I won best collection for my age group. I really worked hard on it.

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