Jensen, Utah and Kaylynn Visit

Next up was Jensen Utah! We arrived at our campsite only to find it not to our liking. Mom quickly called the KOA in town and we rerouted to a better location and campsite. It was a a blessing in disguise. We were closer to where Kaylynn lives too. I met Kaylynn on a Disney cruise last year and vowed to visit if we ever passed through. It was a great week of laughs and adventure. We started out at the Flaming Gorge Dam Tour.  I am trying to check off all the major dams in North America! The tour was great and we learned a lot about hydroelectric power, fish populations and ecology of the area. On the lower platform of the damn we saw massive bass in the water. Who knows what this is about with Emmerson. He is silly! Kaylynn is part mountain goat! We hiked and scrambled all over. We turned over ever rock in our path. We found several of these little scorpions. They were small and fast. The view was amazing! This was from the visitors center window! We drove out to Red Canyon and also did the Sheeps Creek Geological loop. The geological loop was pretty but could have used more interpretation signs or even a brochure. The next day we visited Dinosaur National Monument, part of the Morrison Formation. We saw all the bones in-situ. It was quite impressive!  E was back at it with the camera off and on. We hiked a few trails and E got exhausted and needed carried. We could have taken the shuttle back from the top of the mountain but we opted to hike out.  I found this little guy near the river at the Josie Morris Cabin. We also visited the Utah Field House. It was a much smaller display that we thought but we still had fun reading nd exploring the fossils. There were these silly dinosaurs all over the grounds as well, reminded me of Dinosaur World in Plant City. Back at the campground for a day of fun and games. We played on the playground, rented peddle cars and went swimming in the rain. I am going to miss Kaylynn and family! Until we meet again!

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