Devil’s Tower in Wyoming

We had a long drive to Devil’s Tower but arrived early enough to head on over and check things out. I am really glad we did. We have been before and we were looking forward to rock scrambling. The tower stands out amongst the prairie landscape. The tower is made of a rare igneous rock, phonolite porphyry. It is the largest example of columnar jointing in the world.  The rocks erode off and gave rise to some spectacular rock climbing. The weather had other ideas about our trip. It was rainy when we arrived.

All checked in and settled at our camping spot. What a great view of the tower from the front of the coach! For those readers that have seen Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind, this was the filming site for most of the movie, now a KOAWe headed over to poke around in the rain. We got a few photos and it started to rain more. We scrambled for a while until we were all exhausted. As we were leaving we overhead a ranger talking about the weather warnings. Ugh. More bad weather? We woke up to slight snow stuck to everything. We did some laundry, made a quick drive back into South Dakota for a part for the jeep and some engine coolant. Then we decided that we would pack up and leave first thing in the morning, 2 days ahead of schedule. We were really glad we did because the snow storms were coming. After we left if dropped 4-6 inches of snow at Devil’s Tower. 

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