Forest Ecology and Insect Demonstration

We had our practice session for the tournament. I did very well.  At the state Forest Ecology contest I was really prepared. I rocked all the areas except for the ecosystems. But I know what I did and how to improve that going forward. Sadly, I did not place this year, for the firs time since I was 9 years old. Ugh! I was sad. I missed placing by 1 point. Oh well. I still had a lot of fun and learned a lot. I am already starting to work towards next year. I WANT to go to nationals as a senior next year. So I have to bust my butt to be ready!  I also lead a talk and activity at the county council meeting for 4-H this month. I taught about macro inverts as water quality indicators. We used the same pond as a few months ago and this time didn’t find much at all. We can tell he water quality has gone down quite a bit in the dry season. The pond was covered in duck weed and water spangles. 

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