State Fair, Bows and More

This weekend we went to the Florida State Fair on 4-H day as usual. We arrived early and got our fresh Amish donuts. My tummy was bugging me a little so I only had one. We had a personal tour of the engines area. We learned a lot from the gentleman. Me favorite part of the day is always the insect displays. Eventhough this was an arachnid display for insects, I thought it was hilarious. This was a new way to present the radish seed growing experiment. We picked up some insect drawers that came down from UF and called it a day. I was exhausted.

On Friday we had gone to the archery store to get E a new bow and I found one I liked too! It is an olympic style recurve. It is so much more smooth and easier to shoot than Mom’s bow I have been borrowing. We set up the short range in the yard for a little practice. 4-H has been a lot of fun this year. We kids are doing all sorts of fun topics. M and J taught us how to make sugar scrubs. I loved mixing and making mine. We accidentally left it int he car and it separated so we are waiting for a warm day to melt it and mix it back up.  I am trying to shoot daily with the new bow since we have a tournament coming up in a few weeks.

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