Holiday Break and Christmas

We have been staying busy. We took a few weeks off of school between semesters at SPC. I learned how to install a doorbell and chime. Decorating my gingerbread house. Mom keeps finding funny images from the new doorbell camera. Presents all wrapped and Thunder is in charge of guarding them. We have been making lots of Christmas cookies. We used up some Wilton melting candy to decorate pretzels.  Cookies and Milk for Santa. The Elf pets also voyage back to the North Pole for the rest of the year.  Santa Came! The elves left, and left us with a mess of toilet paper all over the house! Grandma got a rather large bottle of coconut rum! Costco for the win! Thunder got a new race track, well E and I got it. Thunder thinks it is his! He lives to whack at the cars as they race by. We have to drive to avoid hitting him when he lays on the track. We spent some time hunting insects in the cooler weather. I am trying to make resin forms of dead insects. So far it is a learning process. Mom did have us do some 4-H work over break. We have got to get our project books completed. We attended the arts and cooking event for 4-H at Brooker Creek. We learned how to make some yummy treats. We enjoyed a trip to visit with Grandma and Grandpa in Venice. We got new scooters for Christmas and have been enjoying taking them to the parks and zipping around.

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