Thanksgiving at Aunt Kim’s in Gainesville

We ran u for the day to Gainesville for Thanksgiving. We arrived a little early and stopped at Bass Pro since they were open.  They had all sorts of fun displays of toys. I set the alarm off on the Nintendo Wii Hunting game and the staff had to come shut it off. How embarrassing! Mom also made us take a photo with Santa! We had fun at Kim’s house. Cousin Anna bought some games To play. This one was funny. You had to stay calm while other people tried to get your pulse to raise. Weird. 

We got Grandpa Howie to try the head thing. It went right off because he was laughing so hard.We took a walk to the park after food and had fun playing at the playground.

When we got home our elves arrived! 

Archery and Fun

My favorite archery fun activity Mom does is moving targets. We all have a lot of fun killing the milk jugs! Whoever hits it the most gets to keep it as a trophy! I was putting away targets and somehow the trash can was moved to a different spot and when I opened the door it crashed into the trash can and shattered. We patched it up with some plastic sheets we had in the storeroom. Hopefully they will replace the door! 🙂 Mom said it was a nice day and too nice to be inside. So she sent us outside. We went up to the clubhouse/fort and played on our phones outside. She didn’t say what we should do outside just that we had to go outside.

Painting in the Wild at Brooker Creek Preserve

Mom signed us up for a painting class. It was was of those follow along with the teacher classes. We were paining a dragonfly on a pond. It was a lot of fun. 
It was amazing how fast it came together. I loved my lily pads. Adding in some flowers and water. My final project.

I spent the “drying times” looking around the nature center. I found a superior that was abandoned over the holiday break. I asked if I could keep it and raise it and they said yes! So now I have my first pet super worm.

School, 4-H, Martial Arts and MORE

I have been working really hard at my SPC class this term. I am doing a video that is based on one of my papers. I was trying to record an audio track in iMovie but my voice was horse. It took a lot of redos. We took our Earth Explorers club to the archery range for a fun day of games. I am taking a new class called Filipino Martial Arts – Kali. I am really enjoying it so far. We had a 4-H event for Farm City Day. We enjoyed playing games with people, hanging out with our friends and lots of laughing. We finally finished decorating the Christmas tree after the cats had a few weeks of adjustment time. We went to Festival of Trees for the decorators night. Grandma Susie came with us since Dad was in DC again. Our wreath! I found out I was elected VP of Latin Club. I have to help run meetings, make presentations and be a good Latin role model at the Regional and State Forums. I finished up my FLVS Latin 2 class and had to take my final exam. This was my study session before the exam. Two laptops, all my notes… lots of chaos! I got an A in the class! E and I helped with an entomology program at Brooker Creek Preserve. We took our collections and talked about insects to lots of people.  Our little visitor from a friend. It was slightly cold stunned so we took it in for a few days until it was warmer and then released it back into the wild.

Halloween at Disney Fort Wilderness

We had a great week at Ft. Wilderness. The weather was cooler and I got a week off school. Our first day camping we had a fun surprise. We got to go horse back riding! It was so much fun!

We used a new tool for gutting our pumpkins this year! It was very messy but fun! We had pumpkin guts everywhere! I carved Churnabog from Fantasia. Dad made an evil cat like thing. E made a penguin! Our annual photos. Dad had to fly to DC so he missed Halloween propper. The golf cart parade certainly kicks it up year after year!
We had friends camping too this year so loved spending time running around withe them. I entered a donut eating contest and did well but was against the adults.  Some ding-dong had this at his campsite for trick-or-treat! Kinda weird! The haul. We gave up after a few loops. We did the campfire almost nightly. We brought down our own marshmallows. When Dad got back we toured the resorts and even had gingerbread gelato!