Disney Cruise 2018

Our family cruise this year took is to the Western Caribbean for a week. We enjoyed the ports in Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Falmouth Jamaica and Disney’s private Island, Castaway Cay.  Considering it was the midst of hurricane season we faired well with weather. I got to meet the magician who wasn’t happy about Mom taking a photo or video! Guess he was worried it would spoil his tricks! 

I had a lot of fun in the club, The Edge. I made animation cells and had fun playing gag ball and many other things. My favorite this to do was to be grumpy when Mom took my photo.
The food was delicious and the company was grand. Grandma Susie and her friend Nina, from Boston, joined us. I loved the aqua duck at night.

We didn’t do many excursions but had a fun time wandering in the ports and then enjoying the less busy ship for a few hours. I made a friend, shocking I know! She was from Utah and was really nice to hang out with. I still hung out with Emmerson when I could but really enjoyed the time away from him too. My meals were pretty much bacon for 7 mornings! Dad bought me some fancy iced coffee drinks that made my skin crawl, boy were they good! The whole ship was decorated for Halloween. We ran into my friend in Jamaica! Heading back to the ship to prep for pirates night. Mom and Dad were off to a formal dinner.

Mrs. Nina made these really neat pirate bandanas for us! THANKS! We missed towel folding but Mom and Dad had fun! For Halloween we dressed in our Steam Punk outfits. We snorkled at Castaway Cay and had a blast! Every good cruise ends with watching them sort and load the towels from the island! See ya real soon!

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