Key Biscayne Diving Trip with Mac’s Sports

Day one started with a horrible storm passing through just as we were to board the boat. We waited it out and got soaked anyway. We boarded, geared up and headed out to the first dive spot. The waves her massive, maybe 10 feet, and the boat was tossing all around.  Mom got seasick, a LOT! Emmerson got frightened of the depth. Dad ad I took the first dive ourselves. Emmerson did so the second dive of the day but mom was entirely too green to try.  The first dive was a shipwreck with about 100 foot visibility. We were about 40 feet under water! 

Below are some photos taken with out new underwater cameras. We will get better at photos over time but not bad for our first go at it!


The above is one of my favorites! It was amazing under the water!

The colors were so striking considering how deep we were!

This is a stoplight parrot fish!

A closeup of a Christmas tree worm

The wreck was amazingly clear!

Mr. Keith, our instructor!

Emmerson did get in the water the second dive and had a blast!

E got his open water certification! YAY E!

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