CIA and Roosevelt

We enjoyed a morning at the CIA. The Culinary Institute of America. The campus was beautiful.   They have a fresh bakery on campus. We bought cookies that were as big as our heads! Come of the treats were so wonderful looking. We had lunch at one of the campus restaurants. Our tour guide is going to be on a Food Network show later this year. He was so fun and energetic. We had a great tour. I wish I could share more photos but they weren’t allowed on the tour. Up next was the Roosevelt Mansion and Presidential Library. We had a young guide but he knew such a large amount of details. I loved the bird collection and the story that went with it. Roosevelt’s mother told him he could only kill one of each bird and he had to do all the taxidermy himself. Eventually she changed her mind and paid to have the preserving done due to the toxic chemicals. You can see the office just like it was when he was living there. Even with the dining room chair turned into a wheelchair. We loved the flower garden. The colors were amazing. This was one of my favorite art pieces. It was part of the Berlin Wall. I laughed and cried at all of the depression era and war time posters!

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