End of June Update

The month has flown by faster than ever before. We have been so busy. Mom and Dad got all dressed up and went to a banquet for a class (Citizens Academy) that Dad has been attending.
I got all dressed up and rode in the car. We learned how to change out a stubborn faucet. It was all gummed up and turning weird. We had to really work to get it out. Everyone took turns doing the plumbing. 

We had a few trips to the bowling alley. I was in a smiley mood.
We came home to the FedEx delivery person playing Jenga on the porch again. We went to Homasassa Springs Wildlife Park with Grandma Susie. We enjoyed the boat ride in the rain. We saw lots of birds and turtles.  The hippo was wearing a tire. It was very odd.  What a busy few weeks but we are having so much fun on our summer break.

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