Happy 13th Birthday

This week we had a great party for Breighton at Honeymoon Island with some of his friends. Summer birthdays and lots of traveling friends mean it was a small party. We gathered at the beach and had a blast with the kids on boogie boards, riding on kayaks, making sand castles and just splashing around.

We were graced with a small pod of dolphins that kept passing by. Everyone found cool sealife. The cupcakes got a a little melty in the heat of the afternoon. We had them special ordered from publix to match the beach theme. Breighton had a great time as did all his friends. For his birthday Breighton really wanted SCUBA diving lessons. We have him all signed up for later this summer. In the mean time he has a new snorkel set to get some water practice. Over his birthday weekend we visited Grandma and Grandpa in Venice. Grandma Jo made a cake for Dad and Breighton to celebrate both birthdays. You can see Emmerson party in the corner serenading them with his armpit fart birthday song! Happy 13th to our wonderful, bright, creative, compassionate young man. You will take the world by storm!

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