End of June Update

The month has flown by faster than ever before. We have been so busy. Mom and Dad got all dressed up and went to a banquet for a class (Citizens Academy) that Dad has been attending.
I got all dressed up and rode in the car. We learned how to change out a stubborn faucet. It was all gummed up and turning weird. We had to really work to get it out. Everyone took turns doing the plumbing. 

We had a few trips to the bowling alley. I was in a smiley mood.
We came home to the FedEx delivery person playing Jenga on the porch again. We went to Homasassa Springs Wildlife Park with Grandma Susie. We enjoyed the boat ride in the rain. We saw lots of birds and turtles.  The hippo was wearing a tire. It was very odd.  What a busy few weeks but we are having so much fun on our summer break.

Oops! I broke my bed…

Well, I climbed up into my loft bed for once last time and set off a huge weekend of chores. I managed to break a slat in the bed. Sadly we couldn’t replace it. Mom and Dad zipped off to Ikea in search of something that would work and be able to slide all my legos underneath. They found a nice bed and we got to work. Mission accomplished, a place to sleep tonight. The next day we disassembled the loft, reorganized, cleaned and purged the room. I am still find tuning the room but so far so good. I am going to get some new shelfs for one of the walls and still need to tidy up stuffed animals with Emmerson. I don’t think this wall has been this organized since we put the shelves up 5 years ago!

4-H Horticulture Contest

E and I signed up for the horticulture contest. We really didn’t get a lot of time to study but we felt we knew plants really well.We drove to the Hillsborough Extension office for the event. We explored the gardens there before the contest.  The contest was a lot of fun. I felt I knew the majority of the material very well but the judging section was a bit weird for me. I have a feeling that was my worst section.  I didn’t get an award but that was okay. I really learned a lot fo the material and may try again next year when we can focus on it a bit more.

Summer Fun

E and I went to an escape room t the library this week. It was a lot of fun. We had to figure out some puzzles and unlock locks. It was not as awesome as the one in Banff but for a library program it was great! I also entered the Book in a Jar contest. I quickly figured out the book title and was eager to enter. I have been working hard on Algebra 2 this summer. I am just about half way though. I have to go back and take my math PERT soon. I wanted to get a slightly higher score so I can skip over some of the basic Algebra stuff. Plus you need to have a higher score for the science classes I want to take. I am eager to start in the fall. We stopped at the mall for a new Build a Bear. Probably one of the last times you will catch this kid doing the who heart dance before I put it in the bear! We wrapped up our day with some epic games of laser tag with friends! I have the best friends in the world!