Horticulture and Other Random Things

We are studying, a little, for the 4-H Horticulture contest in June. We jumped on the program rather late so are trying to get a running start from where we are. We visited Landmark Nursery for a morning of exploring the plants. We ended up bringing home more plants for our garden. We also visited the big box hardware stores and checked out their gardening areas. We had a fun time being silly but learning in the process. We attended a meeting of the Brooker Creek Explorers as well and learned from their youth as well as had a mini ID review. The rains have been heavy again so this means many inside crafts and games. I did a knotted quilt for my bed. It came out really nice. Oh, E and I also attended the 4-H state review of the county programs. We got to talk to Dr. Gutter and other 4-H state people about our programs and what is working and not working. It was a great experience. I am enjoying taking on more leadership roles lately in 4-H. I think this will help me in my future when I become a marine biologist, entomologist or just all around science guy! 

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