End of the Year Fun

When we were at the cornbread festival we got atlatls. We had fun at the park practicing with them. I am learning to throw further and harder with a good arch. I am not likely to ever be good enough to hunt for dinner with an atlatl. Grandma Susie stopped by for a little ukulele jam session. We are signed up for a ukulele camp later this summer.

We had one last beach outing. Mom didn’t get many photos because she was relaxing and enjoying the calmness. Emmerson caught an olive snail. It was really active and crawled all over him! Over the weekend we had District Events for 4-H. I ran for district historian again. This time I had to give a speech on stage. I think I did very well for my first large audience speech.

I rocked my demonstration on Coleoptera and Ethical Collecting techniques. After my demo I attended the county council meeting and the final officer positions were filled. I got a blue ribbon for my demo and high points so I earned a medallion again. We were inducted as officers for District IX. The Pinellas County kids that participated in District Events! Me being goofy in all my glory! Okay, a nice smile.

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