A Trip to Tennessee

We drove up to Tennessee in Luna to attend the National Cornbread Festival for Emmerson. He was selected as a finalist in the 4-H cornbread cook-off. We stayed at Raccoon Mountain RV park. We had a wonderful time in the cooler temperatures. Friday we signed up for a wild caving tour, called the Echo Tour. We donned our yucky clothes and planned to get muddy. We had to crawl through some tight places, slide down walls and even swim through a little river! Dad about to go under water to the next room. Mom went through on her back so her front was mostly dry. This is Emmerson before a slight meltdown. He didn’t want to get cold. Before I got really dirty.Going through the hole. Boy was that cold! Dad coming out a different squeeze. Don’t fall down the hole! Filthy, exhausted and HAPPY! We survived 3.5 hours of wild caving! No-one is permanently broken, just a little bruised.

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