Total Eclipse of the Sun … Harrison, Nebraska

Dad woke us up at some abnormal time in the morning and rolled us out of the motorhome and into his car. We fell asleep immediately and slept most of the long drive from Custer, South Dakota to Harrison, Nebraska to Agate Fossil Beds to see the total solar eclipse.

Agate Fossil was awesome. We had fun passing the time doing Junior, Solar and Archeology Ranger books. There were all sorts of fun crafts like sun paining and solar beads to pass the time. They put on a program about the meaning of the sun in Native American cultures. We laughed, stayed out of the sun and took turns walking around and we waited for the eclipse to start. We were all set with our solar glasses. As the eclipse started we noticed our shadows were fuzzy.

We were able to use the binoculars to shine the sun through onto a towel so we could see the progress without the solar glasses on. During totality it got really dark, the bats came out, crickets chirped and birds went silent. The temperature dropped quite a bit and the wind picked up. It was all so surreal. We will seek totality again in the future for sure! As the light started to come back everything was washed out. Our eyes were having a hard time adjusting. When we looked at the photos later we saw it wasn’t our eyes. The colors in the camera were all weird and muted.

We had an AWESOME time!

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