What have I been up to?

Let’s see. This week I have spent hours walking back and forth on the sidewalk trying to establish my pace for the upcoming 4-H Forest Ecology contest. HOURS! I kid you not. I am just not capable of a consistent pace. Mom said she will keep working with me!

We have spent a lot of time at parks and outside looking at trees and plants.

We take out books and collect samples and learn and much as we can!

I even taught Grandma Susie all about trees in my big book.

I finished up my poster for the club. I picked the melaleuca since we have one in our front yard!

We dressed snazzy for the make up Demonstration Day.

I got a blue ribbon on my What is a Leaf demonstration.

We hosted the annual homeschool flashlight Easter egg hunt again. We had a great time with all of our friends!

More hiking. This year for Forest Ecology one of the special topics is mangroves. So we sent the morning on a saltern hike with Ms. Libby.

There were lots of green anoles out that day!

We had art class with Mom and made stencils on the scan and cut machine. I made a greek and roman inspired shirt.

I also helped mom make a table for one of my bug collection boxes.

Mrs. Kasie has us choreographing our “Master the House” song in voice lessons.

We are finding time to hang out and play with our friends as well. Video games, movie making, playing outside and so much more.

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