Silly Strings and Other Things

We spent Sunday at Grandma and Grandpa’s house while Dad worked on a motorhome project. We had a fun walk about the trails collecting bugs and then headed back to swim the day away in their pool.

This week we are spending wrapping up school for the year and cleaning the house. E attacked me with silly string and a huge battle broke out.

The silly string stuck to our hair and Mom has to scrape it out.



BUGS! Training for the 4-H Insectathon!

We drove up to Gainesville for 4-H Insectathon training. I loved holding the tarantula. It felt weird but it was so cool.

We had a mini mock contest and I realized how much I have to learn. I did managed to learn a bunch of the orders of insects just during the session.

We got to tour the University of Florida Entomology department. This room was entirely full of cockroaches!


Then an entire room of mosquitoes!

The ants!!!!

This one Mom wouldn’t go near, bedbugs!

It was great to work with the kids from Alachua county.

At the end of the day we worked on a service project. We helped make terminate monitoring stations that will be placed around Jacksonville soon.

I came home and was excited to get to work on my bug collections.




April is a BUSY Month of FUN

We have been enjoying painting, hiding and hunting for rocks around town. This is one from Marshall Street Park.

Thunder got in a lot of trouble this week but has finally calmed back down.

We went and saw a dress rehearsal for King and I at Countryside High School.

The tooth fairy visited again and this time brought Chinese yuan! How cool!

We had a fun 4-H meeting with more rock painting.

We wrapped up the week with a huge pool party at a friends house.

We made lots of funny videos and had a blast playing and creating together!





From Weedon To Brooker

On Friday we headed to Weedon Island for a class on sharks. We arrived early and hiked the long boardwalk trail to get our wiggles out.

The class had different stations where we learned different things about sharks. Some of the stations were teeth, skin, magnetism and measurement. We had fun measuring out all the shark sizes.

On Saturday we picked up Grandma Susie and went to a class at Brooker Creek preserve about Florida ferns. I was amazed to learn there were so many different ferns!

We learned that the green stuff in the ponds is called water spangles. I always called it duck weed.

I knew of about 5 ferns but was excited to learn about so many more.

There were even hidden ferns that they just discovered and added to the species list of known ferns in the preserve.

At the end we played with ant lions and learned about other insects in the ground.