Dad’s Away, We Play

E wasn’t feeling well so Mom and I spent the evening playing and watching movies. I made this crazy hat!

We went to a Threshers game and Mom won the dream seats. E and I and our friend quickly took them over and enjoyed cotton candy and popcorn!

We had our last formal club meeting. Next week is a fun celebration!

We painted rocks for the #4HRocks project to being happiness to others and Heathy Living to us by being active.



4-H Forest Ecology Contest in Gainesville

We camped at Paynes Prairie like normal for the weekend of the event. We spent time on Friday at the Florida Museum seeing the butterflies.

we got to watch the afternoon butterfly release and then hung out and talked with the student leading the release about our favorite butterflies.

We explored the NATL, forest teaching area, near the museum. I saw the biggest tread softly plant I had ever seen.

My pre-teen attitude kicks in pretty hard lately.

On Saturday we were up early and at the contest. We had a huge group from our county this year! I was so excited to finally have a TEAM!

The contest was tough but I was ready. I took my time and really focused on the material. While we waited for the results we met Smokey the Bear and got cool water bottles from the Forest Services.

Our fearless Mom’s in our group! E and I photobombed!

Aren’t our shirts super fun?

It was award time! I got send place intermediate individual! I only missed a few questions and really kicked myself because they were silly mistakes. I didn’t miss a single plant, tree, insect, disease or map question! It was identifying animals. I mixed up a hawk and a snake! Silly me!

Our team got 3rd place! We were all SO excited!

Look at all those ribbons! Go Pinellas County!

We celebrated with ice cream at a cute little place in a town called Micanopy!



Dali Homeschool Day

We missed the last homeschool day due to travels but made sure before we headed to Gainesville that we got to attend this years. We said hello to “Mustachio!”

We loved exploring the gardens before the event started. We like to get here early and do the outside before they open and then beat the crowds on the inside.

They replaced the giant mustache since we were last here.

We saw the Frido Kahlo traveling exhibit. I think it is neat that they bring in different artists works.

We spent a long time int he homeschool rt lab making all sorts of fun crafts.

No trip to the Dali is complete without a mustache of your own!



What have I been up to?

Let’s see. This week I have spent hours walking back and forth on the sidewalk trying to establish my pace for the upcoming 4-H Forest Ecology contest. HOURS! I kid you not. I am just not capable of a consistent pace. Mom said she will keep working with me!

We have spent a lot of time at parks and outside looking at trees and plants.

We take out books and collect samples and learn and much as we can!

I even taught Grandma Susie all about trees in my big book.

I finished up my poster for the club. I picked the melaleuca since we have one in our front yard!

We dressed snazzy for the make up Demonstration Day.

I got a blue ribbon on my What is a Leaf demonstration.

We hosted the annual homeschool flashlight Easter egg hunt again. We had a great time with all of our friends!

More hiking. This year for Forest Ecology one of the special topics is mangroves. So we sent the morning on a saltern hike with Ms. Libby.

There were lots of green anoles out that day!

We had art class with Mom and made stencils on the scan and cut machine. I made a greek and roman inspired shirt.

I also helped mom make a table for one of my bug collection boxes.

Mrs. Kasie has us choreographing our “Master the House” song in voice lessons.

We are finding time to hang out and play with our friends as well. Video games, movie making, playing outside and so much more.