Enjoying the Spring Weather

Some of our friends had extra tickets to the Florida Orchestra at Ruth Eckard Hall. Mom and I had a fun night out and enjoyed an amazing show. 

The 4-H Forest Ecology contest is coming up. We are spending a little each day working on our studies as well as building a reference book of samples.

We went camping at Rainbow River this weekend and explored more trees and plants. And snakes….lots of snakes! We saw a HUGE cottonmouth and then Mom and Dad saw this coral snake! EEK!

We met friends,  we had made camping in Georgia last year, at the campground and they drove us to the spring head for swimming and hiking. The water was coolish but refreshing.

We hiked every trail in the park and then with Dad the next day we hiked several again as well as Blue Run oaf Dunnellon Park.

We saw a dead luna moth!

E and I went back swimming at the springs.

We dried off smelling roses and exploring the gardens of the park.

I think we have a good grip on our forest material for this year. Fingers crossed!

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