4-H State Archery Match

We had a lot of fun at the archery match. It was nice to be camping at Rainbow Springs so the drive was only an hour to Gainesville. The weather was nice.

We brought along out shade tent and some chairs and a blanket this time. It made a huge different when we were waiting around. We had a long break between morning and afternoon shooting so it was a great place to relax.

I enjoyed the tournament but still have a lot of room to grow. We need to make a few adjustments to my bow which should hopefully help me dial in better groupings and distances.




Enjoying the Spring Weather

Some of our friends had extra tickets to the Florida Orchestra at Ruth Eckard Hall. Mom and I had a fun night out and enjoyed an amazing show. 

The 4-H Forest Ecology contest is coming up. We are spending a little each day working on our studies as well as building a reference book of samples.

We went camping at Rainbow River this weekend and explored more trees and plants. And snakes….lots of snakes! We saw a HUGE cottonmouth and then Mom and Dad saw this coral snake! EEK!

We met friends,  we had made camping in Georgia last year, at the campground and they drove us to the spring head for swimming and hiking. The water was coolish but refreshing.

We hiked every trail in the park and then with Dad the next day we hiked several again as well as Blue Run oaf Dunnellon Park.

We saw a dead luna moth!

E and I went back swimming at the springs.

We dried off smelling roses and exploring the gardens of the park.

I think we have a good grip on our forest material for this year. Fingers crossed!

Mom’s Surgery – Open Carpal Tunnel Release

From MOM:

The kids were off to Grandma Susie’s for the night. David and I enjoyed a nice dinner out and then early bedtime. We had to be at the surgery center early in the morning. We were very impressed how well the surgery center operated. Everything was checked, doubled checked and triple checked!  I got my IV  and met with countless staff before the operation.

Dr. Rayhack, who was beyond amazing, marked the hand and initialed so the correct hand was operated on. I can’t saw how impressed we were with everything with Dr. Rayhack. He is truly what a doctor should be. He spent time going over the details and information with us. The prior doctor I saw before seeking a second opinion was in and out in under 5 minutes. Dr. Rayhack spent considerable time with is answering every question we had. After opting for an open CTR it was only a few weeks before we could get a slot. I was looking forward to the numbness and pain going away.

An hour later I was done and headed home. I had this huge ugly bandage. But I am SO glad I had it! The object for the first few days was ICE and ELEVATE. My had swelled but following these rules kept it under control. I only took 1 pain killer but probably could have done without but wasn’t chancing it.

A few days later the bulky bandage came off and I could see Dr. Rayhack’s handy work. I was still puffy and quite bruised. I could wiggle my fingers fairly well from day 2 onward.

Once I was moving move the swelling and bruising quickly faded. Showering was tough but I figured out a bad and surgical tape to cover the had to keep it dry. Dry was my nightmare. My hand itched, which means it is healing. My skin was insanely dry. We had a cold snap and the humidity dropped so that didn’t help. I kept it covered and slightly wrapped until he sutures came over at 2 weeks.

My hand was SO dry but bounced back after the sutures were out and I could wash and lotion it!

It is not 3.5 weeks post surgery. The incision looks great. The skin peeled and it is a bit sensitive but not bad. The swelling and bruising is 100% gone. I am able to hold a toothbrush, spoon and hairbrush. It hurts a little with some motions. Turning a doorknob is painful still so I avoid it. My range of motion is great. I am avoiding heavy tasks but trying to use it as much as possible. I have some pain in the palm and wrist in the evenings, of course after I do too much during the day! My fault! But overall I am so happy with the progress. I have normal feeling in most of the hand. The middle finger is still a bit weird feeling in the last joint and that comes and goes, so I am hopeful it will just GO and not return. I am back to driving but do find turning the wheel with my right had a bit difficult. So I only drive when I NEED to.

So that is that.




WAC 3D Fun Shoot

We got to practice in advance for the 3D Fun Shoot tournament at WAC.

I even had a few 10X shots!

The night before the tournament we got to try out the milk jug challenge. E and I had a blast competing for fun!

Today we participated in the Wyoming Antelope Club fun shoot. E and I were the only kids so had the division locked up! With all the pressure off, I shot amazing! I managed 215 out of 300. Not bad for a kid shooting the same as adults. I ended up in 1st place, E got 2nd. I earned a full year membership to the club, a gift the entire family can use! How cool!



Zoe Came to Visit

My friend Zoe came over for the day. Mom still can’t drive for a while. We had fun in the yard, shooting archery and making craft projects.


It rained most of the day but we still had a lot of fun. I held the umbrella as Zoe did a leather project.

We had fun making the bracelets.

Dad is ensuring Mom doesn’t drive after surgery by disassembling her jeep. He is installing the tow plate so we can bring Hermione along when we travel this summer.