Busy few weeks as usual

We had a fun 4-H meeting. I like sitting at the officers table! This year I am vice president. I also assumed the role of club historian.

I led a lesson on “what is a leaf” today. I taught everyone how to recognize leafs and structures. There is way more to it than you would think, ask me sometime!

We looked around at different plants and trees and tried to figure out what the leaves were. Everyone picked up really fast. It is quite a hard topic.

We also had a scavenger hunt and followed clues through the park.

We made it to ice skating a little late but had a great time skating with friends.

Of course we had to have an epic lightsaber battle at Think Geek at the mall.

I am trying to catch up the club scrapbook this week. We were a bit behind since he had no formal historian this year.

I am also now taking FLVS Marine Science. I am flying through the class. A lot of it is material I am familiar with. I bounce between rabbit holes of youtube videos and the class. Mom said she is impressed with how much I am enjoying the material compared to the other classes. This one seems to be laid out better and I have an AWESOME teacher.



All the fun and school we still have chores. Mom is semi-laid up with her wrist/hand/finger issue. She sees the doctor this week again and likely will have surgery. I get to vacuum! well, dance vacuum! BUSTED !

We also started voice lessons with Mrs. Kassie, my old drama teacher. She gets me and tolerate my bouncy personality.

We are learning music theory, reading, speech and so much more in the lessons. I am having a lot of fun singing!

We went to Tarpon Springs to see the manatees with our dear friends. We had a great time climbing trees and playing Pokemon Go too!

Emmerson and I had to lead another activity at 4-H. We taught about invasive species. This was a game we found online. It was all about an ecosystem of a pond. Each fish ate a different color food and in a different way. Invasive fish were introduced and we saw how quickly the pond ecosystem was upset and the biodiversity crashed. The kids int he club enjoyed playing a lot!

I am also working on my wanted poster for the club. We all have to make posters on different invasives. I picked melaleuca. This is just the rough of my poster as I ran out of club and nothing attached just yet!

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