Archery Update

I managed to derail my bow again the night before the 4-H State 3D tournament in Gainesville. Mom raced me out to Adventures Archery and we got it fixed. I was able to sight in at 10 yards but the rest will be left to chance. I was so upset but know this is my first of many tournaments and I am really going to have fun not to win!

I was hitting well at 10 yards.

We got to the tournament and warmed up. We were ready for a long day.

It was insanely cold for Florida!

I was with a great group of kids. I was in the middle o the pack for shooting. But I was defiantly off and some random person kept telling me what to do, people aren’t supposed to coach shooters. I was flustered.


In good spirits but flustered.

I finally started to figure out where I had to aim because my sight was wonky. I did get one awesome shot! 11 pointer! Perfect shot!

I didn’t get a ribbon but I had a good time learning how the tournament worked. We have now set up a small range in the side yard. I am having fun using that!

Still shooting at WAC each week as well. I THINK my sight is better but something is still off. We are working to figure out what is wrong.




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