Turkey Lake Park and Orlando GetAway

We took a few days off of life and headed to Turkey Lake Park in Orlando for camping. We were going to head to the Key Largo but the drive was daunting and Dad had to work some.

We arrived and set up camp and headed to the Orlando Eye. Our Legoland passes get us in for free right now. Dad had never been so it was great to have him with us. There was virtually no line!


I love the view from up high!



The passes also get us into the Sea Life Aquarium. This moray eel was super playful and we got a really close look from inside of the bubble.


And the trifecta wrapped up with a trip to the wax museum (also free) and me meeting my idol, Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory!


Oh, and Katness… I do enjoy Katness! (Hunger Games)


Dad had to work the next day so Mom took us to Universal and we did all the “kid things”. This included the Hippogryph coaster many many times.


We practiced out wand skills around the Harry Potter areas.


I love the stage shows!


More spell casting.


Butter beer! I really worked up an appetite for butter beer!


We visited Disney Springs (former;y known and Downtown Disney) and saw all the cool halloween decorations.


We enjoyed the next day with Dad and Mom at Universal and then headed home to unpack and put Luna back in storage for a few weeks.


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