Land’s End

Today we set out to hike to the Land’s End. The Land’s End marks the end of the International Appalachian Trail. We hiked out the last leg of the trail.

Dad took Breighton on the hiking trail and Mom and Emmerson walked the multipurpose trail out. Everyone needed some one on one time with a parents so this worked really well.

We all saw lots of wildlife including: dolphin, woodchucks, razorbills, ruffed grouse and LOTS of seals!



At the end of the trail we read all the signs about the Appalachian Trail. We checked out another lighthouse and then found the rest of the trail to Land’s End hidden behind a tree. We hiked out the last .4k on the steep trail.



The view was amazing and there were tons of seals down playing in the water.


We had a picnic lunch and then all hiked together back the hiking trail to the car.

We were all exhausted and came back to the campsite and had a lazy evening.

The weather was quite chilly and we even had to turn on the heater in Luna at night.


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