Terra Nova/ St. John’s

We spent yesterday working on some school work, cleaning the motorhome and catching up on laundry. It was a down day and we never left the campground.

Today we drove to St. John’s, Newfoundland. As we neared the city B explained “Mom there are tall buildings, are we in New York?”. haha Such a smarty pants. We have been in nowhere land for so long it was shocking to see traffic, buildings and actual businesses other then grocery stores that sell barely anything.

We arrived at Pippy Park and love our nice pull through space. It has wifi so blogs will get caught up. We explored Pippy Park by car and on foot. This lead to lots of Pokemon hunting in the park.


We visited the Fluvarium which is basically a building that has the river running through it. The facility teaching about freshwater ecosystems and fish.


We explored the river tanks and then the salmon ladder outside.



We even were compared to birds. I am the wingspan of a medium osprey.


Then we hiked some trails in the park and headed off to explore the city a little.

We found a shopping mall and Mom had Thai food. She was so excited to have food with flavor. She ordered spicy and was grinning ear to ear with happiness. FOOD WITH FLAVOR! Considering it was “mall food” Mom said it was amazing.


We found Costco and restocked some essentials and then went back to Pippy Park for more walking around and hunting Pokemon. The best part of this game is that it is making us walk a lot more when we would normally have down time.



Tomorrow we head to explore the National Park sites in St. Johns.

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