Cape Breton Highlands- Broad Cove Day 2 (July 4th)

Today we slept in as much as we could. Dad and Breighton went for a long hike around Warren Lake  and were gone the entire morning. Mom and Emmerson ran a few errands, scoped out wifi and played at the playground on the beach. It was nice to have a day where we split up a little to have some space.


After lunch we headed to the beach at the campground. It is a 15 minute walk through the woods to get there. We played in the river that leads out to the ocean. The rocks are huge and polished. We made lots of fun stacks of the rocks.



Mom sat and played with the rocks too and made a heart and then tossed pebbles at a larger rock for target practice. We were the only ones on the beach for the longest time.

Breighton wanted to take some photos for 4-H next year and practiced with the iPhone and the rock sculptures.


While moving rocks an eel slithered out from underneath a larger one. This led to a “eel house” being built so the eel would be safe from other kids.



It was a fun time on the beach and we were glad to see sunshine.

We all got cleaned up, had a small campfire and headed out to another evening program called Seeing in the Dark.


This program was no lights allowed. There was a group of about 10 people on the hike. We started by watching the sunset over Warren Lake. We listened to sounds and adjusted our senses to darker and darker and quieter and quieter. Soon we began our hike around the lake trail as the night turned dark. We head loons, frogs, squirrels and even an owl. It was scary walking in darkness with no flashlights. It was amazing how much you could see though. We had to walk in high steps as not to trip and use our hands to guide the path edges. We had white scarves on our backs to help people see behind us. You would really see the white stand out when it was so dark.

We even head fireworks off in the distance as we were finishing our trail. Happy 4th of July! They don’t celebrate here but someone out there must have been celebrating!

The hike lasted from 9pm until 11pm and then we ended at a picnic table for oat cakes and blueberry tea. The oatcakes were AMAZING! Mom and Dad enjoyed the hot tea.

We got back to the motorhome around midnight and all settled in for a good nights sleep.

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