Alexander Graham Bell – Day 2 (6/29)

Today we ran a few restocking errands and then returned to the Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site to finish exploring. The weather was terrible compared to yesterday so we planned a day of inside activities.

At the Bell NHS we saw different models of telephones through the years. We even got to see the original phone that was used for the first transmission. The first line ever said over a telephone was “Watson, come here. I need you.” said by Bell himself. He had accidentally spilled battery acid on himself and needed Watsons help! IMG_0576


We saw several other inventions by Bell including hearing machines, water condensers, a iron lung like machine and a cool machine that transmitted sound using light waves. IMG_0574


We enjoyed seeing some of his original furniture. The owl painting is very unique and had a cool story with it. The lady that painted it was painting a portrait of Alexander Graham Bell and wouldn’t let him see it until she was done. She actually painted an owl since AGB was known as the “night owl” since he was always up until the wee hours tinkering and inventing.


We played in the discovery area for a while and build all sorts of contraptions and discovered a new game called Tut’s Tablet.

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