Fun at the Campground Day

Today we spent the day mainly at the campground and had a fun down day. Last night we explored and found the game hall and checked out the waterfront. The place is packed now that it is the weekend and the schools have let out here now. When we arrived all of these sites were empty.


The playground again was awesome. They really put a lot of effort into unique playgrounds.


The rec hall was almost like I was at a summer camp. It was whimsical and fun. We played a ring toss type game where you have to catch your ring on a peg on the wall.


We watched the sun set over the Tidal Station power plant near the campground.


In the morning today we visited the farmers market. It was HUGE!


I immediately spied fresh strawberries and snap peas.


This bread spoke to me. It was just a baguette but it was so magical looking.


Mom found some Thais food and was a happy camper. Veggie spring roll and veggie pockets with a chili sauce. This was only $4!


I ripped into my bread. I decided it needed cheese or butter. So I will have more later. FYI the bread was only $3.50!


We are impressed with how seriously they take garbage and recycles here. These green boxes are all over the place. Very impressive.


The campground had a giant slip and slide. I tried it once but it wasn’t slippery enough even with soap on it.


We spent a lot of time at the beach. It is a river but right at the mouth of the bay so it is salty.


I taught all the kids about the critters we found. They followed me all over.



After showers I was terribly hungry and begging Mom to make grilled cheese. She said she would after she started laundry. I jumped up and said “I’ll go do laundry and you make grilled cheese”. I did the whole process and Mom was super proud of me. Lately I have been a super helper. Mom said she hopes this new me sticks around. We were supposed to have a campfire tonight but after we bought firewood the staff came around and said there was now a fire ban. They willingly refunded the money for the wood and even hauled it away. This is a great campground. Tomorrow we move along to Amherst, Nova Scotia.




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