Reversing Falls in St. John

We arrived safely in St. John, New Brunswick. Our campground is less than satisfactory and we have already made plans to head out tomorrow instead of staying a few days. Dad said it was like a desert drive-in movie theater parking lot. We did get out to the few places we wanted to visit and will do the last few on the way up the coast to Fundy National Park.

This is Reversing Falls. It is part of the St. John River. When the tide is going out the river flows one way and then switches direction as the tide comes in. The tide actually flows over the freshwater river. It is really neat to watch.



The water is really turbulent and active.





We came back several hours later and the water was as calm as could be. It was moving very fast but wasn’t as rapid like. The birds were going under for fish and coming up yards away!




We enjoyed the city market and some more exploring downtown in St. John. We didn’t see the town as something we really enjoyed a lot. But it is a major tourism town. I think we got spoiled in St. Andrews.




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