Happy 11th Birthday

Today we drove to Acadia National Park in Maine. We settled into the campsite and then headed out to explore. Mom got a recommendation to go to Thurston’s Lobster for dinner. Since it was my 11th birthday I got to pick my meal. I loved the idea of more lobster.

What a beautiful place we found. It was right not he water and you could see all the lobster boats, traps and buoys. I ran out of fingers so I had to use my foot to add the next year!


We approached the counter and I picked out a 2.5lb lobster.


Me and my dinner!


In short order he was steamed and brought to the table. We passed the time watching the tide come in. The tidal shift here is about 11 feet. It is neat to see how they have to plan around the tides for access to the harbors.


After we finished eating we looked around a bit.



Now that’s a LOT of lobster traps!



We grabbed some birthday cookies at the store on the way back and then played at the campground playground as a family. What a great way to spend my birthday!



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