Following the Footsteps of an Assassin

We started our day with chores around the motorhome. After we were done we got to go swimming. The water was warmer today at 80F in the heated pool. E and I practiced water stunts and put on a show for Mom.

IMG_8784 IMG_8786

After we got cleaned up from swimming we did more laundry and then went and played putt-putt. It was only $1 for 18 holes on a really nice putt-putt course!


We headed to Washington, D.C. one last time on the Metro to head to meet up with Dad at the Ford’s Theater again.


We participated in a program called “History on Foot”. We were transported back in time to the night of April 14, 1865. We were joined by  Detective James McDevitt of the Washington Metropolitan Police. He heard that Lincoln was shot.  We followed along with Detective McDevitt as he visited the sites and reexamines the clues from the investigation into the Lincoln Assassination Conspiracy.



We got to tour the alleyways behind the Ford’s Theater. We were asked to see things as they were during the crime in 1865, not how they appear today.


He read witness statements and then we had to figure out who was guilty and who wasn’t.


Our 1.6 mile walking investigation took us park a lot of cool buildings. I really liked the Treasury.


We finally ended in front of the White Hour as the sun was setting. We found most people guilty. I was surprised to learn about Mrs. Surrat and that she was the first woman in the US ever put to death.


What a fun way to say good-bye to DC. We had a great time here learning bout our country and history.

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