Washington Monument and Friends in DC

I had to add this photo in. I found lots of these tulip tree flowers around the campground after a storm. They are so pretty.


We were up really early (4:45) to get dressed and out to the Washington Monument in hopes of getting tickets to go up in the monument. We were there by 6:30 and 3rd in line. We passed the time studying for marine ecology for 4-H, playing Minecraft and talking to a bird. I called him Birdie Sanders! 🙂


We got tickets to the 9:00 group! We were first in line and eager to get up.


We waited in the elevator bay and read the signs about George Washington.


Once up we looked out all 4 sets of windows and could see a lot of DC> It was pretty amazing!

IMG_8656 IMG_8663

I liked looking out over the reflecting pool. I decided that the monument is a giant sundial.


From below we could see the flashing red lights to warn planes of the tower. We found the flashing lights up in the tower.


We had a great view of the White House! I think I saw Obama! Okay, not really.


After the tippy top we went down 15 stairs to a history center on the monument. We learned all about the construction and the 2011 earthquake (Dad was in DC during the earthquake).


On the way down we saw some of the stones donated by the states.

IMG_8680 IMG_8681

Next we went back to the American History museum with hopes to meet up with Aran, my friend who moved to Washington state a while ago.


While waiting we saw Prince’s guitar, the Yellow Cloud.


Finally we met with Aran and went off exploring!


We spent more time in the Spark Lab inviting new things.

IMG_8694 IMG_8700 IMG_8705 IMG_8709 IMG_8715

Aran got to be on the invention wall with us!


We all really liked the history of technology sections. It was neat to see how computers have developed.

IMG_8724 IMG_8725

I even got to use an old DOS machine to make a cat avatar!



We had a great time learning, exploring and catching up with our Washington state friends. I think it was really special that we were both in the same down on the same day and could connect and play.


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