Legoland – A Ghost Town

Today we visited Legoland. The park was so empty. Many rides we were allowed to just stay on a few times in a row, even some coasters!

I did the jousting because Emmerson begged me to go on.


My reward was 4 times on the beetle bounce in a row.


There were times when we thought we had the park to ourselves!



Even boating school we were able to just ride again without getting off the ride.


Driving school was the same way!


There were 4 kids driving in our group. They let us drive 2-3 times longer than normal since there was NO ONE waiting in line to get into the ride.


We finished the entire park before 1pm. We rode all the rides except 4 (3 were closed and one wasn’t open until 11 and we didn’t want to come back to it). What a fun day at Legoland.


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