Camping at Paynes Prairie and 4H State of Florida Forest Ecology Contest

This weekend MOM drive us to Gainesville in the RV. Dad kept a watchful eye on Mom’s driving as this was her first solo driving trip!


We arrived without incident and Mom even backed the RV into the spot!

We enjoy this really woody campground a lot, except for the mosquitos.


We had nightly campfires as I studied and reviewed the local trees and plants for my 4H contest.


We explored town and I got to visit Devil’s Millhopper. It was a really cool old sinkhole you could hike down into.

IMG_7113 IMG_7114

I loved all the life inside of the sinkhole.


Sadly the water at the bottom is covered in duckweed. This is usually caused by all the runoff that has fertilizers in it. It makes me sad to see this.


At the contest I was in a small group for our rotation. I took my time, double checked my answers. Between events We were allowed to wiggly outside which really took the stress of the contest off. It was a tough competition this year again.


I was shocked to win 2nd place in the state! I have worked very hard for this.


My pretty, HUGE ribbon!


What a great group of kids from our club and county. We all plan to come back next year and WIN! IMG_7223 IMG_7227

To celebrate my hard work we visited the Santa Fe Teaching Zoo. There was a turtle doing yoga!


I loved all the animals, especially the Asian Small Clawed Otter.


It was a great weekend out of town. I look forward to more adventures.

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