April Randomness

We have been busy filling the days with 4-H practice, field trips and much more. We are still doing a few subjects in school at home but not a heavy workload.

Some of my art was on display at the Safety Harbor History Center.


I am working on a game and presentation for NEXT year for 4H. I figured I would get started early since we will be on travel a lot soon.


I had to go shopping with Mom to find a new dress shirt, pants and tie for 4-H Demonstration day.


I have been practicing my speech non-stop! I am teaching about Bernoulli’s Principle.



Small distractions from getting my work done. We have had 3 snakes in the yard this week. We also have baby bunnies and lots of birds. Constant distractions.


More work on my speech has been done. I am starting to put it all together and add more props and showy stuff.


At homeschool gymnastics I am finally flipping over the bar. I have been seriously apprehensive about it.


We visited the 4-H extension office to turn in some paperwork and we found droves of lubber grasshoppers. Every step you took sent hundreds of them scattering all over. They are tiny now but will grow to be about 3-4 inches long!

IMG_7019 IMG_7026

We used magnifying lenses to concentrate sunlight to burn holes in leaves and wood.

IMG_7035 IMG_7036

As you can see, we have been busy!

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