Rainbow Springs State Park Camping

We had a great time camping at Rainbow Springs State Park campground. We took several hikes. I pointed out all the flora and fauna along the paths.


E and I had a great time playing with ropes, digging and exploring at the HUGE campsite.


We turned the ropes into a partial zip-line. It wasn’t really functional but we had a great time trying to make it work.

IMG_5805 IMG_5811

Dad has some work to do so we explored the rivers edge and saw an otter, a cottonmouth and a lot of ducks. We also played ping-pong.


After lunch we headed over to the State Park. We took a swim in the headsprings.


It was chilly at first but I went in rather quickly.

IMG_5833 IMG_5834 IMG_5839 IMG_5841

E was scared to go in. Really scared of alligators. I gave him a piggy back ride over to Mom’s legs.


Soon he and I were both all over the springs.


We dried off and warmed up and went for a hike. It is neat to see the remains of the old entertainment park that used to be here. The waterfalls are all artificial.


There are even old zoo cages. We did a lot of speculating about what animal had what habitat.


We saw a dung beetle hard at work.


The next morning we were up and headed to rent canoes to travel along with river. I was in a pre-teen MOOD. Mom talked me through it and we moved along.


We all successfully got in the canoe and made it to the head springs.


We hiked around some of the areas we didn’t explore yesterday. I showed Emmerson an example of cat face, from the turpentine industry.


It was beautiful weather for hiking.



Back at the campground for cleaning up the site, campfire and relaxing. It was a great long weekend.


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