Science ROCKS

We had a fun, yet oddly lacking information, class on rocks at the Science Center of St. Petersburg. We learned about rock traits but my samples didn’t match up to what the instructor said the rocks were. I was glad Mom took a photo so we could talk about them when we got home.


The next lab was more about properties of different type of rocks. We learned about physical and chemical weathering although the instructor briefly touched on the topics we were expected to know all the answers. Fortunately, I had already studies this so I was okay but a lot of kids this was their first introduction and they were quickly lost.

IMG_5242 IMG_5246

I kept finding all the errors so it made it hard for me to concentrate. Plus, I was sitting with my goofy friends! IMG_5263





After the labs we played outside in the gardens for a bit and then saw a 15 minute show in the planetarium. The show was outdated but still informative.


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